Novas Amblyopia Therapeutic Instrument

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Novas Amblyopia Therapeutic Instrument

This is a comprehensive amblyopia therapeutic device with multiple functions, such as fine eyesight training, active fusion training and vision detection. Perfect human-machine interaction makes the training lively and interesting, because it fully coordinates the head, hand and eyes simultaneously.

Unique patent technique of pleoptics combine with "cross" point-and-click treatment and red/green glitter light stimulating treatment makes the training more effective.

It is the first all in one device for fusion training, eyesight exercise & vision test, high-tech, well-produced, safe and multifunctional amblyopia therapeutic device.


  • Ametropic amblyopia
  • Anisometropiaamblyopia
  • Strabismus amblyopia
  • Intermittent exotropia training and correction
  • Fusion training and stereo vision training
  • Muscular asthenopia improvement
  • Visual test for children


  • The No.1 Amblyoptia treatment device in the world with human-computer interaction , to improve hand-eye and brain co-ordination very well
  • obvious results after one month training, especially for the Anisometropia amblyopia children, two weeks training can get obvious improvement.
  • Unique technique, built-in games, video, music make the training is interesting and vivid for children
  • Very lightweight, easy to fold and take for home use, or used for hospital, clinic and organization
  • Fine eyesight training, active fusion function training
  • Human-computer interaction, big touch screen
  • Make full use of your head, hand and eyes simultaneously, vivid training video and games with a lot of fun
  • Pleoptics combines with "cross" point-and-click treatment
  • Flickeringred/green light stimulating treatment
  • Safe and simple to use ,obvious results
black-white bar pad 24.0 mm02,12.0 mm,6.0 mm,3.0 mm?2.3 mm,1.5 mm,1.1 mm
maximum illuminance value at the cone end face is 180 lx, error within±20%
Flicker frequency of red/green light 45s, error within ±10s;
14Hz, error within±3Hz
time ofpleoptics 45s, error within ± 10 s
time of "cross" point-and-click treatment 180s, error within ±20s
Time of pulsating red/green light stimulating treatment 180s, error within ±20s
Red wavelength 640-660nm
Green wavelength 525-550nm
Power safe time 10s
Net weight 2kg