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Writing aids Marker pen

Still get bothered to find a suitable give-away item to do marketing at trade shows or conferences? The Visual-Pen will be an ideal choice for you, especially for those who are visually impaired. It comes with a white body and black cap to exhibit high contrast color to make it easy for the end user to recognize, using the black color water ink will prevent it from bleeding through the paper after the writing, therefore making the letters clean and clear on the paper.

Customization of the logo is available to help you do your own marketing of your company and products etc. the Visual Pen is the most useful and valuable gift that you can hand out to those attendees who stop by your booth and check your product, at the same time, it gives you a good opportunity to advertise and do the marketing to the public in a very convenient and economical way.

Dimensions 137x13 in "mm"
Weight 7g per pcs
Black color cap
White color body
Ink black color water ink