Find the Most Efficient Desktop Video Magnifier for Low Vision at Hongdee

Find the Most Efficient Desktop Video Magnifier for Low Vision at Hongdee

Desktop video magnifiers at Hongdee have magnification capabilities of 60x or more. However, with increased magnification, relatively little information fits on a screen. Often, just a few words can be seen on the screen, while large words are not shown at all.

It is suggested to begin using electronic vision enhancing equipment as soon as moderate magnification is required. Based on the experience of experts at Hongdee, magnification powers between 6x and 12x are optimal to begin with.

As patients' visual acuity deteriorates more - typically gradually - they can gradually increase magnification to continue reading. They may progressively become used to the different challenges that occur with greater magnification settings in this manner - generally with tremendous success!

Benefits of desktop video magnifiers:

  • High magnification levels are available.
  • At very high magnification, binocular vision is also feasible.
  • In an ergonomic position, you can read comfortably.
  • A variety of viewing settings allows for improved contrast vision.
  • It is possible to select between negative and positive contrast modes.
  • The 22" Desktop Video Magnifier for People with Low Vision:

  • Hongdee's primary products are digital handheld video magnifiers, portable video magnifiers, and desktop CCTV, which may increase your magnification demands into a bigger screen than magnifying spectacles and optical magnifiers.
  • The new and innovative design makes it lighter and more portable, making it much simpler to carry about with you at all times and in any location.
  • The AumaxHD provides a crystal-clear picture and shows colors much more naturally and vibrantly thanks to the newest HD technology, namely an HD camera and an HD monitor.
  • Key Features of the 22" Desktop Video Magnifier:

  • Camera Rotation:The camera has a vertical revolution of 270 degrees and a horizontal rotation of 180 degrees.
  • Memory Settings:The camera remembers the settings it has in each viewing position.
  • Dual Control Panels:Dual control buttons on both sides of the camera head are ideal for both left and right-handed users.
  • Key Specifications of the 22" Desktop Video Magnifier:

  • Available Magnification is of 2x-75x.
  • It has Color Modes and there are eight color modes in total.
  • 22" Desktop Video Magnifier comes with multiple cameras. They have three-in-one HD camera included.
  • You also get autofocus on external connection.
  • Input of the power adaptor is mainly LED illumination.
  • Line marker is also available in the product.
  • You can lock the focus of the patient.
  • Freeze a frame function is also available.
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