Our main products covers digital handheld video Magnifiers; portable video magnifiers and desktop CCTV that can enlarge your magnification needs onto a screen that is larger than the restrictions one would face with magnifying glasses and optical magnifiers.

EyeK reading electronic video magnifier


1. 3.5" TFT screen displays vivid image and sharp test;

2. Centralized camera makes reading very easy and intuitive;

3. Easy to use button design, only three buttons;

4. Detachable stand is available to make long time reading comfortable



1. Screen: 3.5" TFT

2. Magnification: 1.2X-36X;

3. Color Modes: 7 colors;

4. Freeze frame function;

5. Working hours: 4 hours;

6. Weight: only 120g (4oz)

7. Detachable reading stand available;

8. Measurements: 105x72x17mm

9. Brightness adjustment


3.5" Video Magnifier for low vision


    Recommended Video Magnifier

    1. 4.3” high resolution display

    2. a foldable handle available to make it easy for reading and writing;

    3. only three tactile buttons, simple to use;

    4. 15 different high contrast color modes to meet different visually impaired users’ needs.

    5. TV out connection to provide additional display for larger magnification.

    6. Continuous magnification helps you find the proper magnification level that suits your needs.

    7. Freeze image feature with capability to magnify and change mode

    8. 4 hours working time enables you to do the majority of your daily routine work

    4.3" Video Magnifier for low vision

    4.3" Video Magnifier for low vision


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