Seniors Need Vision Care

Vision loss is normal to some degree, especially as people age. Our selection of top-of-the-line, cutting-edge electronic video magnifiers both handheld and desktop can magnify an image upwards of 70X! Most people who experience a decline in their eyesight are able to correct the problem through the use of video magnifiers, Whether you're looking for a traditional in-home setup or a portable, travel-sized magnifier, you'll find any electronic magnifier you're looking for from us on

We are talking thermometers
I am Lucy 
I am Lily 

We can speak 7 languages

Mini Size


This talking thermometer offers a quick and accurate reading, and reduces the eye strain of having to read the temperature. With this digital talking thermometer, you no longer have to squint and strain your eyes.

Audio are readings available in multiple languages - English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian and Chinese.

I am a talking scale
Digital talking scale
Overload alert
Backlit LCD screen
Push-button control
Low battery indication
Measurement: lb, oz, or kg

This Talking Portable Luggage Scale is a perfect personal assistance for the blind and those with low vision to weigh stuff in their daily life.

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