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Low Vision Aids

At Hongdee, we redefine daily activities for individuals with low vision. Our comprehensive product range spans reading, writing, cooking, and watching, offering simple yet impactful aids. From added lighting to enhanced contrast, Hongdee’s aids make self-care more accessible, illuminating pathways to a life made easier.

  • Magnifier for TV: 2x magnification;
  • Portable video magnifier: 3.5″, 4.3″, 5″ and 7″ screen size; 2x-32x magnification
  • Desktop video magnifier: 1x-160x magnification; HDMI 1080P60 video output.

Choose Hongdee as your partner in providing life-changing low vision solutions. With our OEM services, we’ll imprint your label and logo, amplifying your brand’s impact and attracting a broader customer base. Join us in making a difference – one visionary product at a time.

Low Vision Products

Visually impaired products help people watch TV, movies, games, sports events, or read, all devices can help visual impairments to live independently.

Experience the transformative power of low vision aids with Hongdee, your dedicated partner in overcoming visual challenges. Low vision, often uncorrectable by standard eyewear, lenses, or medical interventions, poses daily obstacles like blurred or distorted vision. This condition hinders routine activities such as reading, writing, and shopping, affecting millions of people annually due to eye conditions like Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, or Retinitis Pigmentosa.

At Hongdee, we recognize the impact of low vision on independence and quality of life. Our commitment is to empower individuals living with low vision, offering a lifeline through our advanced low vision aids. These aids serve as a bridge to independent living, allowing you to reclaim control over daily activities.

Choose Hongdee for cutting-edge solutions that transcend the limitations of low vision. Our OEM services, complete with personalized labeling and branding, are designed to elevate your business, attracting a wider customer base. Embrace independence with Hongdee’s low vision aids – because living with vision challenges should never mean compromising on a fulfilling life.

3.5" Magnifier

Model: EyePad 3.5″

4.3" Magnifier

Model: EyePad 4.3″

5" Magnifier

Model: EyePad 5″

7" Magnifier

Model: EyePad 7″

TV Magnifier

Model: Augus

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Experience affordability without compromise with Hongdee’s exceptional range of low vision devices. Our commitment to accessibility ensures that individuals can rediscover the joy of watching favorite programs, delving into preferred books, and savoring moments of happiness. Hongdee’s low vision assistive devices have reached global shores, benefitting people in over 25 countries, including Indonesia, Italy, the USA, Jordan, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, Colombia, Denmark, and Cameroon.

As a distributor, son/daughter, or advocate for a low vision non-profit, choosing Hongdee amplifies the joy for your customers or loved ones. Our products are not just aids; they are the keys to unlocking a world of possibilities, turning every user into a delighted kid with a new toy.

With a rich heritage spanning over 15 years, Hongdee stands as a stalwart in the low vision field, boasting a monthly productivity of 10,000 pieces. Our unwavering dedication is reflected in the stellar reviews from 99.9% of satisfied customers. Additionally, enjoy peace of mind with our 12-month free replacement policy – ensuring optimal functionality. If not satisfied, we offer an unconditional return, because at Hongdee, your contentment is our priority. Choose Hongdee for affordability, reliability, and a vision for a brighter future.

Related Products

Choose Hongdee for a partnership that transcends products – it’s about enhancing lives, ensuring satisfaction, and promoting self-reliance. Join us in making a difference for those with low vision, where every aid symbolizes a step towards a brighter and more independent future.

  1. 12-Month Quality Warranty: Rest easy with a full year of assurance, ensuring the reliability and functionality of our low vision aids. We stand by our products, promoting long-term satisfaction.
  2. Happiness and Independence: Our aids go beyond functionality – they’re designed to bring joy and foster independence. Experience a renewed sense of happiness and live life on your terms.
  3. Affordable Pricing: Access quality at an affordable price. With a remarkable monthly production capacity of 10,000 pieces, we ensure cost-effectiveness without compromising on excellence.
  4. Swift Delivery: Need it fast? No problem. Benefit from our efficient logistics with delivery within 2 days, ensuring that your aids reach you promptly when you need them most.
  5. Regulatory Compliance: Trust in Hongdee’s commitment to safety and quality. Our products come with FDA and CE certificates, providing peace of mind and facilitating smooth customs clearance.
  6. Comprehensive Support: Elevate your business with our complimentary support services. From website design to engaging videos, captivating images, and essential files – all provided free of charge. We invest in your success.
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