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  • visually-impaired-cane
  • low-vision-cane
  • white-canes-for-visually-impaired
  • walking-aids-for-visually-impaired

Visually Impaired Cane

Hongdee offers a diverse range of visually impaired canes, featuring varying lengths and functionalities. The specifications for each type are detailed below:

  • Regular low vision cane: retractable; 7/8/9 sections; 125cm/138cm length; walking
  • Mini low vision cane: retractable; 7/8/9 sections; 22.5cm-125.5cm length range; walking
  • Duo low vision cane: retractable; 4 sections; 38cm-97cm length range; walking or climbing
  • Folding low vision cane: folding; 7/8/9 sections; 125cm/127cm/138cm; walking.

Discover the perfect folding or retractable visually impaired walking cane with Hongdee! Feel free to send your inquiry today. Benefit from our extensive collaboration with 20+ distributors worldwide, showcasing our rich OEM experiences. At Hongdee, we are not just a supplier; we are your dedicated partner in success. Whether you are seeking standard canes or aiming for special customizations, Hongdee is committed to consistently supporting your business ventures.

Retractable Visually Impaired Cane

  • Parts: 7/8/9 sections;
  • Length: minimum retracted 27.8cm;
  • Length: maximum extended 125cm/138cm.
  • Material: Titanium

Click on the image to view the product video.

Mini Cane
  • Parts: 7/8/9 sections;
  • Length: minimum retracted 22.5cm/22.7cm/23cm;
  • Length: maximum extended 105cm/116cm/ 125.5cm.
  • Material: Titanium

Click on the image to view the product video.

  • Parts: 4 sections;
  • Length: minimum retracted 38cm;
  • Length: up to 97cm.
  • Material: 90% Aluminum, 10% Titanium

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Folding Cane
  • Parts: 7/8/9 sections;
  • Length: folding to 26cm/32.5cm
  • Length: up to 125cm/127cm/138cm.
  • Material: Titanium

Click on the image to view the product video.

4 Products Found.

OEM 7 Section Canes To Netherlands


In May 2022, Hongdee proudly supplied 50 units of our cutting-edge 7-section 125cm low vision canes to Edwin, a dynamic distributor in the Netherlands. Edwin, a meticulous procurer who relies on Google Chrome for supplier discovery, initiated contact with Hongdee in April, seeking information about our products.

Within a mere two weeks of insightful discussions, Edwin, despite being a first-time importer from China, confidently placed an order with Hongdee. His concerns about shipping and customs clearance were promptly addressed by our adept team, showcasing our commitment to easing the complexities of international trade for our partners.

Notably, Edwin desired a personalized touch to the packaging—his logo and website URL prominently displayed. Hongdee, known for its flexible and customer-centric approach, effortlessly incorporated these branding elements, contributing to Edwin’s business growth.

The outcome was a delighted distributor. Edwin expressed his satisfaction not only with the superior quality of our low vision canes but also with the exceptional services provided by Hongdee. This success story exemplifies the collaborative spirit and customer-focused ethos that define our partnership approach at Hongdee. We look forward to empowering more distributors like Edwin with our premium low vision aids, contributing to their success on a global scale.

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Key Points for Low Vision Aids Distributors

1. OEM Services Tailored for Your Brand

  • What We Offer: Hongdee specializes in providing comprehensive OEM services, allowing you to imprint your label and logo on our high-quality low vision aids.
  • Benefit to You: Enhance your brand presence and attract more customers by offering products uniquely aligned with your business identity.

2. Top-Tier Quality for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

  • Our Commitment: Hongdee is dedicated to maintaining top-tier quality standards in all our low vision aid products.
  • Customer Satisfaction Focus: By partnering with us, you ensure your customers receive reliable, effective, and durable solutions for their low vision needs.

3. Competitive Pricing 

  • Transparent Pricing: We understand the importance of competitive pricing in the market.

4. Efficient Communication and Support

  • Direct Communication Channels: Hongdee prioritizes efficient communication to address your inquiries promptly.
  • Dedicated Support Team: Experience seamless collaboration with a dedicated support team ready to assist you at every step of the partnership.
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