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  • portable video magnifier
  • 4.3 inch low vision magnifiers
  • 5 inch magnifiers for visually impaired
  • 7 inch magnifier for vision impaired
  • desktop video magnifier
  • portable video magnifier
  • 4.3 inch low vision magnifiers
  • 5 inch magnifiers for visually impaired
  • 7 inch magnifier for vision impaired
  • desktop video magnifier

Low Vision Magnifiers

At Hongdee, we specialize in crafting state-of-the-art video magnifiers, designed to enhance the lives of those with low vision. Our product line includes:

  • Portable Digital Video Magnifiers: Available in versatile sizes of 3.5″, 4.3″, 5″, and 7″, these compact and lightweight magnifiers are perfect for on-the-go use. They are engineered to cater to the varying needs of individuals seeking independence and clarity in their visual experiences.
  • Desktop Video Magnifier: This device seamlessly integrates with monitors of any size via HDMI, offering an expansive and adaptable viewing experience. It’s an ideal solution for those who require a stable, high-resolution image at their workstation or home.

Both variants are more than just assistive devices; they are gateways to a more independent and fulfilling lifestyle for people with vision loss. Our magnifiers boast high-definition imaging and precise autofocus, ensuring that every detail is crisp and clear. With Hongdee’s commitment to quality and innovation, these magnifiers are not just tools, but lifelines to a world seen anew.

3.5" Portable Video Magnifier

  1. 5” display, small and compact, easy to carry around in the pocket.
  2. Minimum 2X magnification allows you to see more letters on the screen;
  3. As many as 26 color modes cater to the wide variety of needs of different individuals.
  4. Writing stand available to make it easy to write;
  5. 1500mAh capacity Li-Ion is used to guarantee a working time of up to 6 hours continuously.
  6. Video out available to provide additional magnification display through TV.
  7. Adjustment in LED and brightness offers comfortable ease of use for different visually impaired users with different eye conditions.
Screen size 3.5” display
Magnification 2x-32x
Color Modes 26 colors modes Max
Camera resolution 1.0 mp, with 960*240
Line marker reading lines available
LED and brightness adjustment Yes
Flashlight Yes
Voice memo Yes
TV out Yes
Working time 6 hours
Battery capacity 2500Mah
Portable Video Magnifier

3.5 inch display

Function of The Back

LED and brightness adjustment.

Color Modes

Black on white

Color Modes

26 color modes

Rechargeable Battery

6 hours of continuous working time.

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4.3" Handheld Video Magnifier

4.3” handheld video magnifier presents high quality crystal clear image, you can either put it flat over the reading material or lift up the handle to check the bottles, prescriptions, etc. The TV out connection allows you to connect the unit to your home TV for an additional magnification to make it much easier to read.

  • 4.3” high-resolution display
  • A foldable handle is available to make it easy to read and write;
  • Only three tactile buttons, simple to use;
  • 15 different high-contrast color modes to meet different visually impaired users’ needs.
  • TV out connection to provide an additional display for a larger magnification.
  • Continuous magnification helps you find the proper magnification level that suits your needs.
  • Freeze image feature with the capability to magnify and change mode
  • 4 hours of working time enables you to do the majority of your daily routine work.
Screen size 4.3” LCD
Brightness and contrast Yes
Magnification 1.5x-12X with handle unfolded
2X-32X with handle folded
Color modes 15 high contrast modes
Battery working time 4 hours
Tv out connection Yes
Weight 217g


Portable Video Magnifier

4.3″ LCD

Handle Fold

Put it in the pocket.

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5" Portable Video Magnifier

  • 5” HD LCD screen
  • Continuous magnification ranges from 4X to 32X
  • Up to 15 high-contrast color modes to cater to the needs of different people with visual impairments.
  • Ergonomically designed handles make it very easy to read and write comfortably and conveniently.
  • Voice prompt is very useful for visually impaired people to operate
  • Large capacity Rechargeable lithium battery guarantees up to 4 hours of working time continuously.
  • The camera’s design allows the user to do the reading and distance view.
  • Power saving function: if the unit is left without operation for 2 minutes, it will power off automatically.
Screen size 5.0” HD colorful LCD screen(800X480)
Magnification 4X to 32X
Color Mode 15 high contrast color modes
Dual cameras Camera for near view: 5cm-15cm;
Camera for far view: 15cm to infinite;
Picture saving Yes
Video out 15 high contrast color modes
Line marker and mask Yes
Working time max 4 hours
Battery capacity 3200mAH high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery
Dimension 150mm(length)x 84mm(width)x 30mm(height)
Weight 245g(including the battery)
Package dimension 19.5x15x7cm
GW 1.1 pounds
Video Magnifier

5” HD LCD screen

Share Pictures/Videos


Handle Fold

Reading or writing comportably.

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5 Inch Pro Video Magnifier

  • Higher depth of view camera for reading up to 15cm to keep the image in focus regardless of different applications such as reading prescriptions, price tags, etc.
  • The switch between autofocus and manual focus enables you to do different jobs competently at your disposal.
  • 5” anti-glare screen with a resolution of up to 800×480 to exhibit brighter and sharper images.
  • Dual cameras for far view (1080P) and near view (720P).
  • The detachable handle is perfectly fit for the ease of use for both left-handed and right-handed users.
  • The Foldable stand offers an ideal 40-degree angle to make reading and handwriting much easier than ever before.
  • 2500mAh capacity Li-Ion is used to guarantee a working time of up to 4 hours continuously.
Magnification 2x-32x
Color Modes 26 colors modes Max;
Dual cameras Camera for near view: 8MP,1080P 30Hz;
Camera for far view: 8MP, 720P 60Hz;
Vibration in operation Yes
Power saving will shut down automatically if no operation for 3 minutes;
Working distance Camera for near view: 5cm-15cm;
Camera for far view: 15cm to infinite
Voice memo Yes
TV and HDMI out Yes
Working time 4 hours
Battery capacity 2500Mah
Lightweight Magnifier

Model: Eyepad 5″ pro


2x-32x Magnification

Handle Fold

Reading or Signing

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7 Inch Video Magnifier For Vision Impaired

This Eyepad 7 inch electronic magnifier for the visually impaired comes with a voice memo and voice command function, now you can talk to the unit to give you an order without touching it, freeing your hands. At the same time, can also record a short voice memo to remind you of the to-do list.

The activation and deactivation of the touch screen give a full consideration of the reading preferences of both younger people and seniors. So that they can choose to or not to utilize the latest technology to their heart’s content in reading.

  • HDMI and Video out to provide additional display for larger magnification;
  • Customizable color modes offer more choices to cater to different individual users’ specific needs;
  • Activation/deactivation of the touch screen makes it appeal to both young people and seniors to their different preferences;
  • Voice memo function;
  • Voice command, you can talk to the unit to do what you want, say Zoom In or Zoom out at your disposal without touching the unit.
Magnification 2X-32X
Display 7 inch LCD Screen,HD image quality ,1080P/30 (Far focal),720P/60(Near focal)
Color Modes 17 color modes and customization of the color modes are available.
Working time Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, 5200mAh, once fully charged, can work Approximately 4 hours continuously;
Power-saving Will go to sleep if the unit is left without operation for 1 minute; then will shut down after no operation for another 3 minutes;
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5 Inch Electric Magnifier To Denmark


In the heart of Denmark’s low vision aids distribution landscape, Kevin embarked on a quest for a supplier that could elevate his product offerings. Enter Hongdee, a distinguished low vision products manufacturer in China.

The journey commenced with the discovery of Hongdee’s commitment to excellence, offering Free OEM services that resonated with Kevin’s vision for an agile marketing strategy. This opportunity allowed him to swiftly brand products with his labels, establishing a unique market identity.

What set Hongdee apart was not just its products but its ability to provide professional project solutions tailored to the nuances of the Danish market. The collaboration was not merely transactional; it was a partnership where Kevin’s business needs were understood and met with precision.

The pivotal moment came with the order of 200 pieces of the 5-inch Electric Video Magnifier in 2021. The superior quality and advanced features exceeded his expectations, earning accolades from the end-users, especially older individuals with low vision. Hongdee’s positive feedback underscored the impact of its commitment to upper-standard product quality.

This collaboration wasn’t just about products; it was about growth. The flexibility to brand, the tailored solutions, and the unwavering commitment to excellence propelled Kevin’s business forward. Hongdee became more than a supplier; we became a catalyst for expanding his market reach within Denmark and beyond.

In every package shipped, the story unfolds—a story of vision, partnership, and growth. Hongdee isn’t just a supplier; we are an integral part of all customers’ journeys, contributing to the success story of every visually impaired individual whose life has been positively impacted by our products.

Customer Testimonials

We extend our sincere appreciation to Hongdee for a partnership that exceeds expectations. Our collaboration as distributors with Hongdee, a leading low vision products manufacturer in China, has been nothing short of exceptional.

Our customers consistently express complete satisfaction, noting that everything was delivered precisely as agreed. The seamless process, from placing orders to receiving top-quality products, reflects Hongdee’s commitment to excellence. “I received exactly what I asked for, thanks,” echoes the sentiments of our grateful customers.

Partnering with Hongdee has proven to be a strategic decision for several reasons:

1. Reliability and Consistency:

Hongdee consistently delivers on its promises, ensuring that products meet specifications and are of the highest quality. This reliability instills confidence in our customers, fostering long-term relationships.

2. Efficient OEM Services:

Hongdee’s efficient OEM services have allowed us to brand their products seamlessly, enhancing our market presence. The flexibility and speed with which they handle customization have been crucial in meeting the demands of our diverse customer base.

3. Customer-Centric Approach:

The testimonials from our satisfied customers affirm Hongdee’s customer-centric approach. Their commitment to understanding and fulfilling customer needs contributes to the positive feedback we receive.

4. Mutual Growth:

Hongdee’s products not only satisfy end-users but also attract more customers to our business. This mutual growth is a testament to the effectiveness of our partnership.

In conclusion, our heartfelt thanks to Hongdee for consistently delivering exceptional products and services. As distributors, we value the reliability, efficiency, and customer focus that Hongdee brings to the table. This partnership is not just a transaction; it’s a collaborative journey toward success and customer satisfaction.

Choosing Hongdee means choosing a partner committed to your success, providing not just products but a comprehensive and supportive collaboration to elevate your business in the low vision aids market.

  1. Comprehensive OEM Services: Hongdee offers extensive OEM services, allowing you to brand products seamlessly, enhancing your market presence, and creating a unique identity for your business.
  2. Logistics Support: We go beyond manufacturing by assisting with registration and customs clearance. Our commitment is to make the logistics process smooth and efficient, ensuring your products reach you promptly.
  3. Problem-Solving Approach: Hongdee takes pride in a problem-solving mindset. Our dedicated team is ready to address any challenges you encounter, fostering a collaborative and supportive partnership.
  4. Customer Attraction: Partnering with Hongdee not only satisfies your existing customers but also helps you attract more. Our high-quality, innovative products contribute to expanding your customer base and driving business growth.
  5. Tailored Solutions: We understand the diverse needs of your customer base. Hongdee provides tailored solutions, ensuring our products seamlessly integrate into your portfolio, meeting the unique demands of your market.
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