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  • Talking-Thermometer
  • talking-thermometer-for-the-blind
  • Talking-Thermometer
  • talking-thermometer-for-the-blind

Talking Thermometer

This talking thermometer offers a quick and accurate reading and reduces the eye strain of having to read the temperature. With this digital talking thermometer the blind, and visually impaired no longer have to squint and strain their eyes. Audio readings are available in multiple languages – English, and Spanish.


  • Read out the measuring result in 8 seconds.
  • Basal temperature measuring through Axillary part.
  • Jumbo LCD.
  • Last memory recall.
  • customization of different languages is available;
  • Certificate: FDA 510(K), CE1023, RoHS, ISO 13485 Operates in Fahrenheit or Celsius

Talking Thermometer

What are the differences between Lily and Lucy?

1. Lucy has a larger screen

  • Lucy screen size: 36.5*24.6*2.0MM
  • Lily screen size: 26*16*2.0MM

2. The button position

3. Temperature testing: Lucy is softer than Lily, which can bent.

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OEMed Georgian For Non-profit Organization


In the realm of low vision aids, Hongdee’s commitment to making a difference extends beyond products—it’s about creating solutions that truly matter. A testament to this dedication is the recent success story of our valued customer, Teona, from a non-profit organization.

The Inquiry and Unique Requirement

On May 5th, Hongdee received an inquiry from Teona, representing a non-profit organization dedicated to providing digital talking thermometers for people with visual impairments in schools. Teona’s special request was for the thermometer to communicate in Georgian, a language close to his heart. However, the challenge lay in our minimum customization quantity being 1000 pieces, and Teona required fewer units for the initial order.

Going Above and Beyond

Joana, the adept sales manager at Hongdee, recognized the significance of Teona’s mission. After deliberations with the leadership, Hongdee decided to accommodate Teona’s unique demands. A new mold was crafted, and files were meticulously typed to ensure the talking thermometer spoke Georgian.

Iterative Customization for Perfection

The journey towards perfection involved multiple iterations. The initial computer-generated voice did not meet Teona’s expectations—he sought a more natural and engaging speech manner. Undeterred, Teona recorded several audio samples, allowing Hongdee to refine the voice until it resonated perfectly with his vision. The dedication to quality ensured that Teona was ultimately satisfied.

Seamless Delivery and Cost Efficiency

With the customized sample approved, Hongdee expedited the production process. Teona, conscious of costs and time, chose Hongdee’s in-house freight services over his forwarder, realizing significant cost savings. Hongdee ensured all customs clearance documents, including CE certification and commerce invoices, adhered to the highest standards.

Successful Partnership

Teona’s order of 2000 talking thermometers is a testament to the successful collaboration between Hongdee and its customers. By surpassing expectations and streamlining logistics, Hongdee not only delivered a product but also contributed to Teona’s noble cause, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to making accessibility a reality.

At Hongdee, every customer case is a story of innovation, collaboration, and ultimately, making a positive impact on the lives of those with visual impairments.

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Choose Hongdee as your trusted partner, where customer-centric features converge with unmatched quality, fostering success in the competitive world of talking thermometers.

  1. Customized Language Options: Tailor your talking thermometers to diverse markets seamlessly. Hongdee facilitates customization in multiple languages, including Spanish, Georgian, and Russian, ensuring widespread appeal and accessibility.
  2. Competitive Freight Costs: Optimize your logistics with Hongdee’s commitment to cost-effective shipping solutions. Our meticulous freight cost comparisons empower you to make informed decisions, balancing budget considerations with efficient delivery.
  3. Brand Personalization: Strengthen your brand identity by imprinting your label on our talking thermometers. Hongdee’s dedication to brand personalization enhances recognition and loyalty, setting your products apart in the market.
  4. 12 Months Warranty: Trust in the durability and performance of Hongdee’s talking thermometers. With a robust 12-month warranty, distributors and end-users alike gain confidence in the reliability of our products.
  5. Efficient Sample Delivery: Experience the quality firsthand through Hongdee’s swift sample delivery service. Evaluate the excellence of our talking thermometers before committing to larger quantities, ensuring satisfaction with your purchase.
  6. Customs Clearance Expertise: Navigate global markets seamlessly with Hongdee’s extensive customs clearance experience. Our adept team ensures a smooth and efficient process, overcoming complexities and expediting deliveries.
  7. FDA and CE Certificates: Rest assured in the compliance of our products. Hongdee’s talking thermometers come with FDA and CE certificates, meeting international standards for safety and quality.
  8. High Productivity: Hongdee boasts a large monthly production capacity of 10,000 pieces, ensuring a stable and scalable supply to meet the dynamic demands of distributors. Choose Hongdee for excellence in talking thermometers that meet the diverse needs of your customers.
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