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4.3″ Portable Magnifier for Vision Impaired To Jordan

Jerry received Dr. Saleem Omar`s inquiry on Alibaba in April. He wanted to win a tender and look for a video magnifier and a glasses magnifier. He sent his requirement saying our products need to meet all the specifications. Luckily, we have worked in ophthalmology and low vision for more than 15 years and we have so many different modules of product. After selection and comparison, we made a final decision and waited for the result.

On 16th May, He suddenly gave Jerry a call. He was having a meeting for the tender and needed some information to prove it was a rechargeable magnifier. Jerry immediately found what he needed and sent it to him. But it is not clear enough so Jerry also taped a video for him. But he still needed confirmation so Jerry made a statement with a signature of our company.

Later that day at 8 P.M. He called again and had the same question about the TV magnifier Argus. Though it is not worked time, Jerry still worked on this and called our CEO Brad to make sure about some specifications. He was satisfied and we should wait for the result.

This is Hongdee team, everyone is always prepared for our clients 24h/7 days. We are willing to help our client with any questions. We can send you files, tape a video, and everything to solve your problem. Everyone including our CEO is prepared to help you no matter if it is work time.


On June 12th, there was a final meeting, Dr. Saleem said his client did not have enough budget and they liked us. He wanted us to give him the lower price and free additional products. We are glad that they can choose us, but we also insist on providing high-quality products and we can not offer such a low price, luckily we had a 5% discount in June and Dr. Saleem made a compromise too. He will take the additional sample himself.


Finally, after 2 months of working, we won this tender and we have shipped all to his country door-to-door.


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