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On 21st May 2023,Rita received the whatsapp message from one customer, the name is Mrs.Dulanjali, she enquired Hongdee another selling products part: low vision product, and Mrs.Dulanjali enquired our hot-selling product digital video magnifier eyepad series and TV glasses from Sri Lanka, she is one low vision practitioner in her country and working as a low vision practitioner for 15 years, this product is for low vision people to help them to see something clearly.

Rita got customer’s need and sent the catalog to her whatsapp immediately, she was very satisfied, and then Rita asked the shipping address from Mrs.Dulanjali, so Rita can calculate the shipping cost and shipping time for customer, after five mins, Rita calculated the shipping cost and checked the stock about products customer enquired, the goods are in stock and the shipping cost is little high, but customer knew this situation and accepted it.

ut customer still not decided to confirm the order, Rita knew that the time was already at the end of this month, but she still not finished the sales target this month, she needed to let her customer to confirm the order as soon as possible, so Rita invited customer to attend the live stream and introduced customers samples, Rita tried to contact Mrs.Dulanjali and appointed the time to do live stream, after detailed introduction, customer was so satisfied with products and Hongdee service, then confirm the order.

After a few days, it was the Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional Chinese festival. rita sent her wishes to the client and explained that the Dragon Boat Festival was a traditional Chinese festival and in memory of Qu Yuan, a traditional Chinese poet, the customer was very happy to learn more about traditional Chinese culture, after a while, customer received the goods and told Rita that the goods were so good and very satisfied with Hongdee products and professional service.

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