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OEMed Portable Video Magnifier To UK

Vision Engineering Ltd located in the UK is the world’s leading ergonomic microscopy company, designing and manufacturing high-quality microscopes, digital instruments, and inspection and non-contact measuring systems. and their equipment is mainly used for the electronics inspection industry.

While Hongdee mainly focuses on R&D the electronic video magnifier which is specifically used for the visually impaired to improve their life independence. it is never intended for the electronics inspection industry. until one day, Hongdee received an inquiry from Vision Engineering Ltd back in 2016. Hence began the 2nd OEM project on the hand-held magnifier.

Vision Engineering is looking for a portable digital video magnifier that can be complementary to their current existing line. But only need the color mode, for all of the enhanced color modes, they are not required. also will add some extra features like picture saving, and cross grid for x-y measurement, etc. After some internal discussions with the tech guy, conclusions were made that these functions can be achieved, but will need to do some software modifications. through rounds of negotiations, both Hongdee and Vision Engineering decides to proceed forward to initial the OEM cooperation. but before signing the official agreement, Vision Engineering requested to come to Beijing for an on-site factory verification, in 2016. the CTO Mr. Zhao was appointed as the chief to do the factory verification, the audit went well. Mr Zhao was pretty much happy about everything he had seen, although he thought Hongdee was a small factory, but showed his interest in cooperating with Hongdee and was convinced that Hongdee would be able to deliver the product they requested in good condition and meet the request.


Through the joint efforts of both companies, the 1st prototype unit with full functionality related to the electronics inspection came out after several months and was sent to Vision Engineering, fortunately, it was approved by the Vision Engineering team. and they named the OEM project as the CamB case.

The OEM project on the CamB still goes on today and has become a very typical successful OEM case for Hongdee. and Hongdee is very confident to look forward to more OEM cases with more manufacturers to explore more possibilities for the sake of mutual benefits.

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