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5 Inch Pro Electronic Video Magnifier For Germany Distributor

Hongdee as the supplier has worked in Ophthalmology and Optometry for more than 15 years, focusing on providing users with the most accurate equipment to enhance the trust of doctors, and also cooperates with agents around the world to meet the needs of more customers. But what has been overlooked is that we also provide equipment in the field of low-vision people– the electronic magnifying aid.

Recently, a German company found us and said, that many of their resellers are asking him for this electronic magnification aid, the market demand is high.


But it is precise because they are the first time contact with the electronic magnification vision aid, so they don’t know the function and status of the device very well. Nancy also explained the function and operation of the device to him in detail based on our professionalism.

After Nancy’s professional guidance and specific explanations about the operation of the Low Vision equipment, they finally chose our 5’’ pro video magnifier.

The time for the customer to complete the payment is April 10th, and the time for receiving the goods is April 18th, because the customer ordered a sample, so the factory has it in stock, and our company can deliver the same day for the equipment in stock, so that the customer receives the goods as soon as possible, and the express delivery time is 7-10 days. We have a freight forwarder who has cooperated with us for more than 10 years, so customers also believe that we can transport the equipment to their hands as soon as possible.


After the customer received the equipment for testing, he was very satisfied with our equipment and gave a good review. We are currently discussing further cooperation.

To sum up, if you do not understand the operation or operation of the equipment, we can provide professional answers and assistance. For transportation, we have express, sea, and air transportation for you to choose from, and we will supply the most suitable shipping way for you according to the quantity of the goods you ordered. For equipment, we have certificates and corresponding quality assurance, so you can rest assured to cooperate with us.

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