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OEMed Electronic Video Magnifier For Optelec

Optelec used to be the No 1 worldwide brand manufacturer in low vision industry and has a complete line of electronic video magnifiers from hand-held magnifiers, to desktop magnifiers. while one product they do not have is the transportable video magnifier which can be used for near view, far view, and self view and has a wide application such as home use for seniors, school use for the students, etc.

Hongdee specializes in the R&D of video magnifiers and also came out with its 1st transportable video magnifier called DigiMax. back in 2010, during the CSUN show (California Northstate assistive technology) in Los Angeles, Hongdeee had its premiere on the DigiMax and received a lot of attention from the manufacturers, distributors, and doctors, and Optelec is one of them that was impressed with the overall functionality and features. hence began the talks on the OEM possibility of this transportable video magnifier.


in April of 2010, Optelec delegates including their CEO, Michiel came to visit Hongdee to have further discussion on the OEM project of the transportable video magnifier. it was still cold in Beijing, however, the discussion went well, after hours of heated discussion and negotiation, both parties came to an agreement on the OEM of the transportable video magnifier and named it as MultiView model for Optelec and signed the non-confidential agreement with each other. then Hongdee began to make the prototype units for Optelec. and after another couple of months, Hongdee delivered the 1st batch of units to Optelec, whereby Optelec shipped the MultiView to their distributors worldwide.

the OEM project between Optelec and Hongdee continued for 9 years with success, till one day, Optelec was purchased by another low vision manufacturer called Freedom Scientific. As a result, the OEM was terminated. nevertheless, the OEM project on the transportable video magnifier was the 1st OEM case for Hongdee and it has accumulated a lot of experience for Hongdee and also laid a good foundation for future OEM projects.

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