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Hongdee is a supplier who dedicated to serving all customers in low vision for more than 16 years. For the distributor or people with amblyopia, we supply them the good quality equipment, such as the video magnifier, DAISY player, mobility cane, etc, to help them to learn about the world more clearly, and do whatever they want. As we know, people with low vision are not able to read long texts or small print, so they need the help of devices to read and live. Hongdee continuously optimizes its equipment and collects feedback from customers, striving to provide the most practical and comprehensive equipment for customers to use. This month, Nancy, a sale in Hongdee, received an inquiry about the DAISY player, and the client has low vision and needs help in reading.

DAISY Player As the equipment can install or built-in long-form article reader card, the device acts like a microcomputer storing various articles that customers need to read. After Nancy’s introduction to the equipment, Valery is satisfied with the equipment and orders it at once.

For the DAISY Player, we have 7 languages, Hindi, German, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Italy, and Thailand.

In addition, Nancy is also very careful to confirm with customers the local plug standards and conditions of use, so that anyone who works with Hongdee can use our products with confidence, Hongdee not only guarantees the quality but also guarantees service.


Not only that, Nancy will also update Valery on the logistics information to ensure that customers can receive the goods smoothly.

In addition, Hongdee is not just a sales supplier, we provide perfect after-sales service, as long as customers have needs, Hongdee can solve them for you!

In the end, the customer expressed his love for the equipment, which helped him a lot and helped make his life better. So, as long as you have needs in the field of ophthalmology and optometry, you can come to us at any time, and we believe that our products and services will make you satisfied!

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