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Novi sent the inquiry to Phoebe on 28th July on Alibaba, he send an inquiry about the video magnifier. He wanted to buy a video magnifier, he send Phoebe the product on Alibaba.com. After asking some details, he told me that he bought it for his son. He wanted the 7 inch video magnifier.

The price of 7 inch video magnifier is almost two times as the 5 inch, so Novi thought it was too high to have it. He ask Phoebe whether the cost can be less. Phoebe send him the company introduction of the low vision, and he show his great intention to buy the video magnifier and asked Phoebe whether there are other product which the price is lower.

Phoebe asked Novi his budget, Novi said that his budget is $180, but normally we can just provide the $190 and not including the shipping cost. After knowing the budget, Phoebe asked Brad whether there are some video magnifier a little cheaper which fits Novi need. Brad provided a video magnifier which lacks of the far view, and the price will be lower just $150. Novi thought it was okay and ask me how to pay.

Its’ the first time he used Alibaba to buy the product, so he don’t know how to pay. Phoebe sent the payment link to him and the PI with bank information, and told him that he can click the payment link to pay or make the T/T TRANSFER through the bank information. In the 7.31, he finished the payment.

During the whole communication with Novi, Phoebe showed the patience, profession and insistence to Novi. That’s why Novi made business with Phoebe. Phoebe can change the schedule for customers because Phoebe want to give customers most intimate and timely service. This is what Hongdee has always emphasized, and Phoebe is doing the same. For 16 years, Hongdee has been committed to providing customers with the best products and services as the standard. Hongdee is always the trustworthy partner.

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